Adaptive Hyper-Converged Infrastructure for

Digital Enterprises

Adaptive Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (AHCI) is a virtualization software solution developed by AirDeck with three core focuses in mind: cloud,  big data and intelligence. 

Cloud is now the undisputed infrastructure paradigm, data and analytics are the key accelerants of an organization's digitization and transformation (Gartner).

​What is AHCI?

AHCI is an innovative solution that combines commodity servers and virtualization software to deliver a software-defined infrastructure for enterprise applications. The solution allows users to adapt their infrastructures to their applications, as opposed to the opposite. Users can construct different classes of software-defined resources based on available hardware in the underlying infrastructure to meet the performance and cost requirements of individual applications. With this solution, enterprises have the benefits of lowering their expenses (both CapEx and OpEx), as well as the flexibility of continuing to scale their infrastructure to fit the growing needs of their applications.


Enterprises are drawn to the new paradigm of cloud infrastructures. When it comes to private clouds, HCI in particular is appealing because it is simple and cost-efficient. But for  extensive applications, enterprises have to rely on the legacy VMware due to HCI's constraints. AHCI is designed to address the gap between HCI and VMware and combines the strengths of both to provide a simple and capable cloud solution.


HCI offers the most simple form of cloud by integrating uniformly-configured servers and scale-out storage software into a virtualization appliance. Users are appealed by its simplicity and cost efficiency, while limited by its monolithic storage capability.


VMware offers an unparalleled solution by incorporating specialized storage systems into its eco-system. Users have a rich set of storage to choose from to best fit their wide range of applications, as long as cost is not a major concern.

Virtualization is driven by the server technology trend that produces increasing number of CPU cores and memory footprints. This trend continues to accelerate and extends further to network bandwidth, high-density and high-performance storage. This serves as the premise of AHCI, an evolution from the commodity server based HCI to a more capable solution powered by versatile software-defined storage that rivals VMware.

The AirDeck Advantages

Cost Effective
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Based on industry standard servers, mainstream networking and storage components; no custom hardware or specialized systems. Easy to deploy and manage, no vendor specific knowledge or skills required. Automated operations and self-service.